"In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity."
Albert Einstein



Being in the Accountancy profession for the last 20 years and having helped hundreds of business owners with their goals and aspirations has led me to gain qualifications in coaching and mentoring in order to help adults fulfil their lives both personally with life coaching, and professionally with business coaching and mentoring. My background in accountancy provides the perfect platform to delve into the business financials in order for you, the client to gain real clarity about what is working, what is not working and then to develop a plan moving forward.  


By helping you and clients like you to gain clarity with your goals and to develop plans to achieve those goals with a measurable timeline. Fully supported by myself and using your business numbers to provide actual numbers not just a hypothesis leads to personal and business growth. I have had clients with great successes and many happy clients over the years.

I have spent decades on my own personal development and training, you will find me a firm but fair coach with sound and practical mentoring solutions.

In my spare time I enjoy mentoring teenagers and work with a local charity providing group mentoring sessions. I can also be found dancing along to Zumba tunes!

Passionate About Inspiring Others