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© 2017 by Jennifer Barnes

"In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity."
Albert Einstein

So far my life has been full of excitement and challenges. I have had a varied background starting off with working in London as a Chef in top hotels in my teens and then Accountancy for the last 20 years. I owned my own Accountancy Business and this is where my love for coaching started.


I found that the part I enjoyed the most about my business was helping my clients gain clarity with their goals and to develop plans to achieve those goals with a measurable timeline. Fully supported by myself and of course using their business numbers (accountancy has to make an entrance somewhere)! I had great success with this and many happy clients over the years.


Then, a few years ago I came to the realisation that although helping business owners was great, it didn’t fulfil me the way helping children and young people does (I should explain here that I have taught children and adults in Tae Kwon Do for the last 18 years ish and have also been a School Governor at my daughters school). So as well as completing Professional Coaching training and DISC profiling I have also training in Child and Youth Coaching and Mentoring. It was during this training for a volunteering position assisting children and young people in my local area that I discovered that this is the vocation for me.


The issues that children and young people face are getting worse and all around us are young people setting off into the big wide world lacking in essential life coping strategies and are being bombarded by social media and peer pressures. This has to change and I’ve made it my mission to help and support as many young people as I can with the hope that eventually the tide will turn.


Working with children and young people is both challenging and rewarding. Seeing a young person coming to me initially with issues in a variety of subjects and then seeing the transformation over a period of time and developing both skills and coping tactics for life’s challenges both now and in the future…. There is nothing better.


I have spent decades on my own personal development and training, you will find me a firm but fair coach with sound and practical mentoring solutions.

Passionate About Inspiring Others
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