Coaching within Education

What is the impact of mentoring and coaching within Education?

In research published by NFER and TDA in 2008 ('Mentoring and coaching for professionals: a study of the research evidence',  National Foundation for Educational Research & TDA, 2008), mentoring and coaching was proven to have an impact on both individuals and organisations, including the following outcomes. 

For individuals:

  • increased reflectivity and clarity of thinking

  • improved psychological wellbeing and confidence

  • better problem-solving skills (including decision-making)

  • gains in practitioner knowledge and skills

  • improved sharing of practice

  • better communication and relationships

  • more positive attitudes towards professional and career development

  • self-management and self-learning skills

For organisations, it resulted in the development of a:

  • research and learning culture

  • reflective culture

  • collaborative culture

  • culture of professionalism and recognition around professional and career development

  • culture of high aspirations and vitality

  • pastoral culture

Other research supports this and adds other benefits such as:

  • enhanced personal effectiveness and the ability to work smarter and not harder

  • the development of techniques for constructively challenging unhelpful behaviours, including negativity and limiting beliefs

  • enhanced energy, job satisfaction and increased personal productivity, which led directly to a return on investment in coaching and mentoring for the organisation.

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