• Jenny Barnes

Being a business owner can be a lonely business…….

All alone in the office… suddenly there is a noise!

We’ve all thought the same thing haven’t we when watching a scary movie? In fact, it doesn’t even need to be a full- on horror film, just anything with an element of fear and suspense, backed up by eerie music.

There, all alone in the house, she slowly makes her way to the darkened door, drawn to the sinister presence beyond it…

Meanwhile, from the relative safety of our sofa, far away in time and space, protected by the anonymity of a camera lens we are all thinking, “I wouldn’t go in there if I was you” or “just get out of the house, you fool!”

When it matters, you can’t escape!

It is so easy to judge when it is not you in the firing line. A lot of my friends are brilliant people who earn a pretty comfortable living, working for someone else in a nine-to- five, leave-your- work-at- work job. I often think, at times.

I’ve even suggested to a few of them, that they could do really well out on their own, running their own business and in charge of their own destiny. The looks I get are similar to the reaction of the distant thriller viewer!

I guess not everyone has the inner desire to work for themselves. Perhaps the entrepreneurial bug is not a contagion, but more of a random gene that is planted deep within the hearts of one in every thousand. My point is that running your own business can be pretty frightening sometimes, maybe even downright terrifying: but some of us still walk towards that door.

If only there was a hero at hand.

Now there are some exceptions to the rule, but in general, the hero always comes out on top. Good conquers over evil, and there is a happily ever after to enjoy at the end of a good movie. When the fears set in, and the dark forces are at their most threatening, in steps a faithful friend to take control, show you the way out or simply to hold your hand and face the fear together. That is the point when you know everything is going to be alright.

It is the same in business. Whatever your fears; knowing your numbers, marketing, employing staff, negotiating with suppliers, planning, vision, self-discipline, time management or simply the loneliness of being the boss… it is easier with a friend.

Introducing Jenny…

Now, I’m certainly not putting myself out there as a hero: but I know a thing or two about running a business, facing the fears beyond a scary door, gaining confidence in your numbers and setting out a route to a happy ending.

After many years building up my own successful accountancy practice, I now want to share my experience with other brave entrepreneurs. I want to look fear in the eye alongside them and help them walk through the door to fulfil their ambition on the other side.

Get in touch if you know the feeling and would like a helping hand…

Call Jenny on 01761 231239 or email on

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