• Jenny Barnes

If your business doesn’t make your heart sing, do yourself a favour – go and do something else!

If it doesn’t make your heart sing – Do something else!

People have been asking me recently why, after nearly 20 years running Barnes Accountancy, I would decide to stop and do something else. Well, the answer is simple, I no longer love it!

If there is one big lesson that I have learned from rubbing shoulders with hundreds of small business owners over the past two decades, it is that success is always inescapably connected to a rare and magical ingredient. Many of the people I’ve met and worked with during that time have been highly competent at what they do, some I might even say were brilliant examples of their occupation, but too often they were missing that special ‘something’.

If it’s not there – go and find it!

Many people entered the world of ‘being a business owner’ in an effort to escape the rat-race, but often ended up busier and more stressed than they were before. Others left the security of a healthy regular salary (with benefits) to try and boost their income even further, create an empire or fulfil a dream. Likewise, many of these became bogged down in the day-to-day over time: and their reason got lost, buried beneath burdensome chores and piles of paperwork.

The magic that I’m talking about comes in various guises and masquerades under different names. Some call it passion, for others, it is an unsatisfied aching in their heart; you could think of it as ambition or maybe it is the drive to create something of value and worth with your life. For me, the things that I do need to make my heart sing!

Yes, it is a business, and I need to earn an income; yes, I love the independence that working for myself gives me; and yes, I do have targets I want to achieve. But ultimately I need my business to move me and engage with me.

What is your WHY? I promise you that if you don’t find it, then you will never quite make it!

The emotional side of number crunching!

As an accountant, I would look deeply into my customers’ numbers. There were company accounts, tax returns, VAT, management figures, and a plethora of others considerations to review and report. It was great seeing a customer’s business grow and fun to play a little part in their story each year. But the real thrill, particularly in more recent times, was when I got invited to talk about the business itself. You see, numbers can be powerful allies for a business that really understands them. It is more than just a bottom line or a tax bill; there is potential to be unlocked, insight to be discovered and opportunity to be unleashed… if only the business knew how.

In answer to the question I mentioned being asked earlier, accounting stopped making my heart sing! But I have found that using a company’s numbers to help them grow, identify targets, realise potential and have the confidence to take bold decisions has been a revelation for me. It has lit a new lease of entrepreneurial joy in my heart and uncovered an exciting path that I am eager to tread.

Making YOUR numbers add up.

Starting anew was a big decision for me – but I did it because my numbers told me that I could. If you are in a position where the song emanating from your business has lost its tone or the harmony which once soared as you walked into the office has now soured, give me a call.

My new passion is unleashing the power of numbers on a business to release its potential and give business owners the confidence to reach their own crescendo. I’m following this trail with all my heart, and it is working…

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