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Are you half way home or still on the start line?

Are you half way home or still on the start line?

Day follows day, the weeks go by, and before you know it we’re halfway through the year. The fact is that June is now upon us and we are closer to 2018 than we are the beginning of 2017. Do you remember thinking about what you were going to try and achieve this year? Did you set out targets and goals, and allow yourself to indulge in dreams of great expectations? If you did, you would be in good company with the majority of small business owners who started the year so well…

Sadly, as with gym membership, tee-totalling and a whole multitude of resolutions, most people’s business goals were abandoned by the end of January.

So where are you in relation to yours?

It’s all good news!

Apologies if the last paragraph was a blunt reminder of your situation – my intention is not to highlight a missed opportunity but rather to celebrate a new one. If you are flying, and within touching distance or well ahead of your mid-year target, please treat this pitstop as a refocus and a refill. If, however, the revelation that the year is half-spent has come as a body blow, be encouraged that you can still make 2017 a success.

Whatever your situation, here is the reality: today is a brand-new day.

Take accountable steps to the big conclusion…

Let’s look back to January again, for a moment. Assuming you did make a plan, and set some goals, what exactly happened as the weeks passed by? Did the enormity of the task ahead overwhelm and eventually stall you? Were the goals you set ‘smart’ goals or even the right goals? Was someone alongside you, keeping you on track, and helping to keep the distractions at bay?

There is no denying that realistic, achievable, measurable (preferably written down) goals are one of the biggest contributors to a positive outcome. Ask any successful person in any walk of life. What many people don’t identify quite as readily, however, is that these targets are easily lost among the busyness and loneliness of business life. The key to turning smart goals into exciting realities is having someone to hold your hand and hold you to account.

If the idea of accountability scares you, that is all the more reason for embracing its potential.

What would today have ‘felt’ like if your targets had been hit?

Imagine for a moment that you had reached all of the goals you set for yourself on 1st January, and here ‘in June’ you were celebrating that success. How would that feel? I’m guessing the answer is fabulous! Once again, my intention is not to bring up disappointment by highlighting your position, but simply to draw your attention to the reality.

The reality is that (win, lose or break even), the last six months doesn’t matter. What matters is that ‘today’ you can start a new plan, create a fresh target, and set your sights on an amazing second half of the year. There is nothing stopping you from determining your brighter future today!

The only difference is that, this time, you don’t need to face the target alone and risk falling at an early hurdle. This time you can have a friend, mentor, support, listening ear and helping hand alongside you.

Give me a call if you’d like help in making the rest of 2017 better than its beginning (regardless of how well – or otherwise – you have done so far).

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