• Jenny Barnes

Don't let the sunshine get in the way...

Don’t let the sunshine steal your horizon!

Who would have thought that we would be treated to such diabolically scorching weather during June? Records were broken, temperatures soared above many of the more traditionally sun-blessed holiday destinations around the world, and most of us fully embraced the early summer sunshine.

With so many people booking their holidays in August, in the hope of catching our more usual smattering of OK days, the temptation may have been to take a few extra days or hours off while the sun shone. Grabbing a few rays of sunshine can be an attractive option, particularly for those who run their own business, or even just their own diary. This is all well and good if it fits in with your bigger picture goals, and doesn’t detract from the vital activities that are moving you towards where you want to be. But all too often it is nothing more than distraction…

Work, live, achieve and enjoy…

In addition to sunny days during the week, other distractions at this time of the year include Wimbledon, garden shows and a whole host of music festivals up and down the country. Part of the reason I work for myself is the lifestyle choices and time flexibility it allows. I know that for a lot of my customers this is the same, and the ‘work to live’ motivation is becoming increasingly important to many small business owners. The challenge, then, is to find a way of managing your desire to enjoy the sunny, sporty, fun and family opportunities that life presents to us, without derailing your business ambitions.

Here is what I do myself and teach to many of my customers…

Do one thing then reap the rewards!

I have a book for setting out and tracking my daily, weekly and bigger picture goals. Obviously, I can’t go through the whole working of this target-smashing companion right here, so I’ll just share a few ideas from it for you. If you’d like a one-to-one where I can explain it in more detail and teach you how to achieve pretty much anything you desire – please just get in touch.

Two of the key aspects of planning and success are priority and reward. We are all busy with to-do lists as long as your arm. If you take a critical look at your lists, however, you would quickly be able to identify the one thing that is the most important for you to do on any given day. The reality is that you only have so much time, so trying to do more than is actually possible is fruitless. But if you pick one thing and make that your priority (every single day) then you will always achieve something important. It may be that you can select two or three secondary ‘important’ tasks too, but make sure the emphasis is always on the one that really matters. My suggestion would be to make your main task something that moves your business forward, rather than something that involves doing work for others.

Write your top task down (preferably at the end of the previous day) and make sure that you book out the time to achieve that (no matter how sunny it is outside). Then comes the reward: The first half of your reward is simply the satisfaction of doing something to proactively move you towards your ultimate goals – Well done you!

Choose the life you want to live.

The second half of your reward could be anything you want. Enjoy a half day trip to the beach, watch Andy Murray's next steps towards another Wimbledon title, spend some extra time with the kids, or simply sit in the garden with a good book. Why not treat yourself to some lifestyle bonuses (on a whim) from time-to-time: but never at the expense of creating the lifestyle that you ultimately want to achieve.

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