• Jenny Barnes

One Solution does not fit all….

When you attempt to apply a textbook answer to a situation it is rarely flexible enough to deal with too many variables. It is, so to speak, set in text. In the real world, especially where people are involved, this presents an even greater challenge because with some seven and a half billion of us sharing the planet that means a lot of variables. Obviously, my mission is not to change the world and reach everyone in it; but even in the sphere of people you or I meet from week to week, no two are ever the same.

As a coach, my role is not to tell people the answers to their problems, but to help them find their own answers and identify their personal route to success. If you think about it, this approach makes such logical sense, simply because I am not them. How can I, or anyone else for that matter, connect with what is going on inside another person’s heart, mind and life better than they can. Most people just need a little help to find their way. Once you realise this, and with the right experience, understanding, training and insight alongside you, it is possible to find the questions that will lead a person to their answers. As a coach – that is what I do.

Each to their own…

Over the many years that I have worked with people to uncover their roadmap to happiness, it has become obvious to me that one-size-does-not-fit-all because every single one of us is different. As human beings we have access to the world’s most powerful computer, we are incredibly resilient, we inhabit bodies which are (to a certain extent at least) self-healing, and have an astonishing aptitude for learning new skills, disciplines and knowledge. We all have the capacity to improve – we just need help to work around our own variables.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I don’t think a textbook or self-help book is always the answer. They are too prescriptive and cannot respond to the needs of an individual. There is no facility in such a rigid approach to see the potential for harmony or recognise signs of imbalance in an unequivocally unique person.

A hundred thousand answers…

Some of the more common issues that I see in the lives of people I coach include: lack of confidence, poor concentration levels, limiting beliefs, past experiences, fear of the unknown, missing motivation and conflicting goals. I also look after people with a range of circumstances and backgrounds: young people, business owners, people with special needs, professionals, teachers and those who are not even sure who they want to be.

Even within these generalist groupings there is the potential for an infinite variety of hopes, fears, dreams and realities. It is simply impossible to say that you know what the answer is for any one of them. But each individual themselves has access to the inner workings of their own heart and mind. And I believe that they are the best person to navigate their way to their own happiness: and my mission is to help people find those paths.

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