• Jenny Barnes

The harmonic voice of your work-life balance

So much has already been said, written, and theorised about the mystical idea of perfectly balanced work and lifestyle. It is almost as though people believe that by talking about it they might actually reach the destination that so many people dream of, but where too few ever arrive.

For me, work-life balance is the greatest prize that any small business owner can ever hope to attain. Bigger than the million-pound turnover company, the six-figure personal income or the three holidays a year to Florida. You see, in life, your future hopes, dreams and aspirations do matter – and it is a rare thing to achieve extraordinary results without working extra hard – but life should be lived today. And if the cost of reaching for the stars is spending too many dark days, long into the night, striving for them: I don’t believe that is a fee worth paying.

Today’s happiness is a step towards tomorrow’s success

Perhaps the work-life balance idea is overused and maybe even antiquated in its origin. It emerged as a phrase, in the UK, in the 1970s, although the concept has been around for centuries. Today, people tuck it into conversations about stress-at-work and taking a holiday, as a throw-away comment: and in most cases, they totally miss the point. A truly balanced lifestyle has become such an unobtainable goal for so many people, that the majority have stopped believing that it is even possible. Instead they settle for long, stressful, soul-aching working hours for months on end, softened by the occasional holiday to ease the pain. That is work-life extremism – not balance.

What if there was a way to live your life in a way where everything was in harmony, and each area of your life was filled with just the right amount of time, energy, reward and focus? Wouldn’t that be a star worth reaching for?

This is not a harmonic Utopia story!

In a fast-moving world where there is always something new to contend with, it seems to me that people are frightened to stop and take stock of their lives. They won’t even consider looking for a better way, simply because they fear the idea of acting differently. And perhaps that fear is based on the idea of not really knowing what to do to escape the momentum of busyness. But, isn’t fear almost always the barrier to happiness?

When the answer is simple and founded on each person’s individual reality, there are no more reasons to fear.

In the world of the barbershop quartets, the utopian moment is when all four voices unite in such a wonderfully harmonic sequence that they produce a fifth unique voice. It is the pinnacle of their art and it is a beautiful sound: the voice of perfection. Not all barbershop groups can find their fifth voice, but it is possible.

Finding your work-life balance is about understanding what is really important to you as a person and focusing on bringing it into harmony with the rest of your obligations, goals, loves and challenges. By doing this you will start to see that work is either a means to an end or just part of your bigger picture. Similarly, all of the other important areas of your life, those driven by emotion and necessity, will be brought into manageable places. And the ultimate result will be a daily life of harmony and happiness.

I’d love to show you how this can be possible for you. Please send me an email to see how I can help you

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