• Jenny Barnes

Is it finally time to do something different?

Christmas is coming and, in houses the full length of our green and pleasant land, families will be gathering together, enjoying each other’s company, making up for 12 months of being too busy to visit and overindulging… Just like last year! There is nothing wrong with that, and in my house, it will be pretty much the same story – and we’ll thoroughly embrace the whole festive experience.

Most people will then trundle back to work, school or whatever they fill their days with, during the first week of January; and place their feet firmly back on the treadmill… just like last year! This is where I feel myself starting to vent with frustration. You see, it is patterns like that; year after year after year, that lead so many people to unfulfilled lives, broken dreams and, dare I say it, depression. I see it all the time. For most people, 2018 will be a repeat of 2017 and, if there is any change at all, it is more likely to be a negative one simply because of the natural laws of attrition. Please don’t worry, this is not a prophet of doom blog post, but one about the profit of doing.

There is profit in doing!

I’ve been writing my blog for over a year now, and you have been faithfully reading my gentle messages of encouragement and thought-provoking (I hope) meditation. But now is the time for action. The gloves are off and it is time to start changing your life and the lives of those you love. Ask yourself the question: Do you want 2018 to be just another year of the same old, same old? Or do you want to take massive strides towards those dreams that you have been subduing for too long?

The fact is that most people never get anywhere near the ambitions that they had as children. The majority of graduates do not use the skills they spent years (and thousands of pounds) striving to achieve. And too few of us ever get to look back and claim that we had done something extraordinary with our lives. Whether you are still at school, struggling to come to terms with your first full-time job, stuck in a role you hate, fighting to make your own small business shine, or in the middle of a mid-life crisis: it is never too late to make a change.

Get on the coach and out of the rut…

As a business and life coach, I know exactly what it is like to go through these sorts of scenarios and come out the other end. Whether it is my own experiences, those that I’ve helped my clients work through, or the years of training and study that have equipped me for the role, the issues are always the same. The solutions, however, are down to you, your desire to take the first step, and the support that you can get to help you reach your destination.

Whatever you do, IT IS a decision!

Sorry to be so direct! But the truth is, that if 2018 turns out to be just another year of your life that you spent (wasted?) meandering along with the tides of circumstance it is because you took the diabolical decision not to adjust the rudder of your life. Alternatively, you could choose to make a decision that will have a positive impact on this year and every year from here on… It is all down to you!

Perhaps, you have read all of the above and you are confidently nodding in agreement because you know the truth of the matter and have already changed your direction. If that is the case, and you genuinely don’t need my help, I guarantee you’ll know someone else who you could help by passing on a link to this post.

Either way, I look forward to you getting in touch to discover how I can help you or those you love…

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