• Jenny Barnes

If change is inevitable, adaption is CRITICAL

It is so abundantly clear that our world is changing so quickly, and in so many ways, that it hardly seems worthy of comment. The pulse of technology, social tolerance stomping through the headlines, extreme weather conditions, sweeping political shifts, the ever-changing shape of world economies, and so much more…

Change may not be everyone’s cup of tea (I’ve taken mine white with no sugar since 1983), but it is inevitable in almost every area of our lives. And if that is true for my generation, how much more will the rapidity of change affect our children’s ability to deal with the world that we have made for them?

It is all very well, when your laptop dies or you don’t know how to update your iPhone, just giving it to the nearest teenager to fix because they have grown up with this tech. When it comes to what’s new, what’s in, what’s possible and what on earth is happening to my iPad, they are the experts without a doubt. But they are still children and science tells us that their minds are shapeshifting as rapidly as the world around them.

How can we help them deal with the emotional strain caused by a world that is so different to the one we knew?

I believe that what we do today will be critical to how our children cope with their tomorrow.

Our children need our support more than ever

In December 2016 I posted a blog called ‘Does it make your heart sing?’ (click here for the blog) about doing a job which connects with the passion in your heart and your soul. During the course of last year a big change for me, in my new venture as a Professional Coach, was the realisation that helping children cope with modern life made my heart sing. It was not a surprise, as I have always loved working with children, but it did come as a bolt of clarity for me.

So from here on in – that is what I will be doing. I have retrained, refocused and responded to the critical need for today’s children to be given the support they need in an increasingly challenging world.

There were no cyberbullies at Grange Hill

Bullies, peer pressure, loneliness, low self-esteem and unspeakable evils have been around for millennia. There is nothing new there. But the internet, social media and other elements of modern culture have created an environment where it has never been so easy for these things to leave their stain on our children’s lives. In many cases, like the vampires of folklore, we even unknowingly invite them into our homes.

The issues are very real, the implications are beyond serious, but the solutions are not always clear. I am no more of a tech-head than any other parent of a modern teenager, but I do know what goes on inside their heads. To most parents, their teenager’s minds are as perplexing as Snapchat and as mixed up as an R&B – rap crossover.

Trust me – I know how to bring some clarity to the mystery (their minds not their entertainment interests).

Working for a living and the loving of it!

My business and life journey have been all about finding clarity of purpose for my family and me. Like everyone else, I need to make a living – but now I am delighted to be focusing on something that I love to do too.

I am already providing local volunteering services to support children and teens and have developed some relationships with local schools in the area. If you know of any schools, youth groups or individuals who would be interested in a chat about coaching children through the pressures of modern life – please get in touch.

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