a big thank you to all my clients for being fantastic!

your testimonials are much appreciated :-)

My clients say.....

I have had a few coaching sessions with Jenny and have found them really interesting and valuable. Jenny is great, she listens and helps you to make decisions about your future without giving you the answers! The answers are always there but it takes a skill like Jenny has to gently coax them out. I have made massive life changing decisions following my sessions and feel confident about the future and the path I am on...... thanks Jenny

KR - Business Owner

My experience with Jenny Barnes; She has helped me so much to make me feel happy at school and at home. She has helped me with my separation anxiety and made me fell less wanting my Mum every second of the day. She made me feel I can be happy and have fun at the same time and not be so sad when I stay at someones house and made me think of the bright side of life. Jenny made me feel special in a way I could never have dreamed of she made feel strong physically and mentally. Jenny has helped me feel happy and amazing at all times I see her.

EL - Teenage Life Coaching Client

Jenny has helped me achieve many of my goals. Be it work, family or self help, we all need a Jenny in our lives. Someone who listens and understands what we need and helps us unmuddle our brain to find simple, helpful answers.

Jenny is professional and a I always know that whatever we talk about and whatever I say stays confidential. She has helped especially with my 12 year year old daughter and helped me to support her on lots of different levels with starting senior school. 

I totally recommend her, she has been an amazing support to my family and I wish her every success with her future clients.

HL - Business and Life Coaching Client

Jenny is an awesome coach, she helped me get through some very challenging personal and professional issues. She helped me look at my life and make positive changes and put plans in place for the future. I would highly recommend contacting Jenny for help with your problems. 

SB - Business Owner

I was feeling a bit lost and my business had no direction. I approached Jenny and we re-evaluated my plans and we came up with a realistic action plan to achieve them. Jenny was very supportive and I felt confident that my concerns were being taken seriously. I now feel much more confident and happier about my day to day running of the business. Jenny also has a knack for keeping me on track and making sure i'm concentrating on what I need to do and not just flitting about.

SP - Business Owner

Jenny and I sat down to look over the business goals and forecasts.  The way I was running my business just wasn’t working. Although my figures showed some sort of growth, I couldn’t put my finger on what was losing us money. Jenny found what the issue was within seconds. A review and adjustment of the business model and we are on for not only growth, but profit! With this new form of clarity, I am able to look at my wife at the end of the month and confidently tell her that we have been paid and are on the way to achieving our goals!

JH - Business Owner

I value Jenny's ability to see the bigger picture whilst maintaining a very tight eye on the daily needs of the business and appreciate the flexibility that Jenny has shown in the role and the willingness to adapt and go wherever the business has required.

RF - Business Owner

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